Terms and Conditions

I. General Provisions These terms and conditions are hereinafter referred to as the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Other definitions used in the Terms and Conditions of Use:

User – individual using timedout.online, irrespective of whether such person uploads any data (files) to the site.

Timedout.online (or the Site) – collection of web pages hosted under the timedout.online domain name, enabling the upload to such site of files, aimed amongst others at making such files available to other users.

File – file uploaded to the site by a user; formats, permissible file size and other characteristics are dependent on the site’s current functionality.

II. Principles for use of Timedout.online

The Terms and Conditions of Use define the general principles for use of timedout.online, enabling users in particular to upload files free-of-charge. The Terms and Conditions of Use also define users’ rights and obligations and also the rights, obligations and scope of liability of timedout.online.

 The principles defined in the Terms and Conditions and the generally binding provisions of law: to download files from the Site which have been uploaded to the Site by themselves or by other users in accordance with the available functionality of the Site, with stipulation that the user has the right to free-of-charge download of files, as well as their own files.

To upload files and provide descriptions thereof in accordance with the Site’s available functionality, to place links to the Site or to files uploaded to the Site on other sites or web pages, on discussion forums or any other web services and to make such links publically available on the internet in any other manner (e.g. via e-mail, instant messaging services).

Expression by the user of consent to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions is a condition for use of timedout.online. Use of timedout.online by a user denotes that such user has carefully read the Terms and Conditions, accepts the Terms and Conditions and expresses consent to the provisions thereof.

Use of timedout.online by a user, consisting of uploading specific files or other content on the Site, denotes that the user certifies that he/she has the right to upload such files or other content on the site. The consequences of such actions, in particular a lack of appropriate right or authorisation, are borne exclusively by users committing illegal acts. Liability for the results of user actions consisting of the upload of files, folders or other content to the site shall be borne exclusively by such user. In the event that any entity raises claims against timedout.online for upload by a given user of defined files, folders or other content to the site, the user shall be required, at the request of timedout.online or such entity, to fulfil its justified claims. The user’s obligations defined in this point concern a situation where third party claims under this point shall be a direct consequence of a user’s actions or omissions concerning upload of defined content on the Site.

Users using the site through uploading specific files or other content assure that they are entitled to all rights, including in particular author’s copyrights, that through their actions they are not violating the rights of third parties and that they are legally empowered to take such actions. A user cannot use timedout.online without registering an account. Data uploaded by a user shall be available on the site immediately after its upload by a user. Timedout.online however stipulates that a delay is possible.

All timedout.online users are required to use the Site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the principles of social coexistence, social and customary norms and the principles of “netiquette”. The following are prohibited (and are acknowledged as violation of the provisions of this point of these Terms and Conditions):
Uploading illegal content to the site, violating the principles of social coexistence, generally accepted social and customary norms (in particular it is prohibited to upload content which incites racial, religious or ethnic hatred, content which promotes fascism, communism or other forms of socialism, content which approves, propagates or promotes violence, offending religious sentiments) impersonation of other persons, any type of violation of the rights of third persons or parties, e.g. third party intellectual property rights, including third party copyrights (users may upload exclusively files to which they hold the appropriate rights or have obtained consent for publication thereof on the site) and third party personal interests, including also rights to likeness, good name, honour (distribution of individuals’ likenesses without acquiring the appropriate consent of such persons, in as far as such consent is required by law, is prohibited), other user behaviour which is obviously at variance with legal order, the principles of social coexistence, social and customary norms or the principles of “netiquette”, including behaviour consisting of significant above-average load on timedout.online connections, hacking or attempted hacking of timedout.online IT systems, including attempted hacking of user private channels, viewing files or folders to which the user does not have access (e.g. does not know the access password or does not know unique URL to the file).

Users using the site declare that they are aware that potential deletion of a channel established by them, a file uploaded by them or entire folder with files or other content is equivalent to their being notified of intent to delete an appropriate channel, file, folder or other content with consideration to violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, including the receipt of official notification or acquisition by the site of reliable information concerning the illegal nature of an uploaded file or other content or for other reasons resulting from the provisions of law or the Terms and Conditions, on the basis of which timedout.online has the right to delete a file, folder or other content. Irrespective of the above, timedout.online is entitled to take further steps provided for by law, including to make notification to appropriate state authorities established to prevent and prosecute crimes. Timedout.online declares that it applies all due care in ensuring that the site is available without interruption and ensuring that the services provided thereunder are of the highest possible level. However, it does not exclude the possibility that the site may be temporarily inaccessible in the event of it being necessary to conduct repairs or maintenance of the systems supporting such site and in connection with the necessity for these to be upgraded or expanded.

In the event of an interruption or temporary suspension of access to the site which can be anticipated, in as far as is possible and when justified timedout.online shall inform users through publishing appropriate information on the home page.

Timedout.online shall provide tools on the site for users to send information concerning violation of the law, the terms and conditions of use, violation of good customs, the norms of social coexistence etc. For this purpose, the site shall provide users with the possibility to report such violations through a report mechanism. Users should use this mechanism in every case of user activity which is obviously illegal or contrary to the Terms and Conditions. Timedout.online shall also make an e-mail address available to users in order to report activities which are illegal or contrary to the Terms and Conditions (timedout.online@gmail.com).All communications regarding error reporting, queries and ideas for improvements to the Site should be sent to this email address.

Timedout.online declares that security features used to protect the site do not guarantee the safety of information transfer. At the same time, the site declares that it applies all due care in providing users with a high level of security concerning use of the site. All events which may have an impact on information transfer safety, including also those concerning suspicion that files containing viruses and other similar files or other content of a similar nature aside from files are made available, notification should be made to timedout.online@gmail.com. Timedout.online recommends that you maintain up-to-date antivirus or other security software when accessing the internet, including when you use the site. In order to obtain further information concerning internet security, timedout.online is not liable, in the widest sense permissible by law, for damages borne by users in using the site. Timedout.online reserves the right to alter the site functionality in order to improve the user experience without the necessity to provide users with prior information concerning this.

Timedout.online also reserves the right not to publish files, folders or other content, at any time, in the event of violation of the provisions of law or the principles defined in the Terms and Conditions, irrespective of other provisions of the Terms and Conditions expressly excluding timedout.online liability or permitting timedout.online to take defined actions through which timedout.online liability is excluded for such actions, timedout.online does not bear liability, in the widest sense permissible by law, for:
improper use of the site by users and for damage arising from such use,content uploaded by users to the site, including in particular files, folders and other content and damage arising from such content,violation by users of third party rights through use of the site, including in particular through violation of the personal rights or copyrights of third parties, files or folders available to a third parties or also as a result of a third party acquiring such data without the knowledge or will of the user for reasons not attributable to the site, deletion at any time of a given user file or other content uploaded by the users for reasons defined in the Terms and Conditions, under all free services made available on the site, timedout.online does not bear liability for the non-functioning or incorrect functioning of  timedout.online in the widest sense permissible by law; timedout.online declares that it shall apply all due care to ensure that periods of non-operation or incorrect functioning of the site do not take place or are limited to an absolute minimum.

Comments and reservations concerning the site should be sent to timedout.online@gmail.com. Timedout.online declares that all files and other content uploaded to the site is registered by the site, together with the IP addresses from which upload has been made.

Timedout.online declares that each time an authorised state authority appointed to detect, prevent or prosecute crime approaches  timedout.online,  timedout.online shall make appropriate data connected with the functioning of the site available to such authority, including data concerning the IP address of the user who has uploaded a given content element or otherwise made use of the site. In this respect,  timedout.online acts exclusively in accordance with the appropriate provisions of law binding on timedout.online to provide such data. Timedout.online declares that, in order to ensure the highest level of services on the site, it makes use of information saved by the server on the user’s computer, which is subsequently read on each connection from a given IP address (cookies).

Timedout.online reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions. In the event of amendment of the Terms and Conditions, timedout.online shall inform users of such amendment through publishing a consolidated text of the amended Terms and Conditions on the site alongside the current text together with information on the amendment. The amendment of the Terms and Conditions is binding on the user after lapse of 14 days from the date on which notification of the amendment has been made in accordance with the preceding sentence. Use of the site by the user after this time shall be equivalent to the user accepting the new content of the Terms and Conditions.